What the Heck is Your Business Supposed to Post on Social Media?

Social media

By Kitty French

Social media posts don’t generate leads and sales automatically. Learn how to point followers back to your small business website for the best results.


Social media is a stronger tool than most small business owners realize. Don’t be satisfied with a few likes, retweets or shares here and there. Think big! Your social media posts should all have the same goal: To incite your social followers to visit your website, call your company or stop in to make a purchase.

How do you do inspire your social media followers to take the next step towards becoming paying customers? Post content that inspires them and make it easy for them to visit you, whether online, by phone or in person.

Here’s how to create social media posts that drive customers your way:

  • Get social media followers to visit your website. You can’t just post a few lines about your business on Facebook and expect to motivate people. Instead of posting your thoughts directly to social media, be strategic. Write a blog post or design a simple sales flyer to post on your website. Then, link to that website post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Include a teaser that encourages people to click to your website for more information.
  • Inspire social media users to call your business. Do your Facebook followers have questions that only you can answer? Facebook Ads now allow business owners to add a “Call Now” button to paid promotional posts. When a smartphone user sees your ad on Facebook, all they have to reach you is click that button. It’s a direct connection to customers through social media.
  • Give social media followers a map to your storefront. Geolocation data is the small business owner’s best friend. If your goal is to get foot traffic, don’t post anything to Facebook or Instagram without adding your company’s location information. You’ll have the option to add your location as you’re creating each new social post.

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